12 July 2016

[art] This Was The 2016 Clallam Bay Comicon That Was

A report from Donna Barr, the founding mother:


The Clallam Bay Comicon, like many microcons similar, and some larger events like Linework NW, Artists' Alley Comic Con (which is coming up next month) and Fanaticon, fills the void left by the media-event megacons. They're all about the creator and the fan meeting and enjoying each others' company, and selling a bit and making a bit of fun and reputation. They're so scalable that literally anyone can create and stage one.

The only reason we've not visited Clallam Bay is because it's just too far for us to economically stretch at the moment. But we do have Jake Richmond and the Pooles at Spritely Bean, and they'll keep us excited until such time as we can finally make our way north.

Until that time, I give you Donna's show.

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