11 July 2016

[liff] The May Day Faerie Circle in Peninsula Park IV: Summer Candid, Summer Not

On May the 1st, 2016, in Peninsula Park, in Portland, Oregon, a group of blithe spirits were called together to do something daft and absurd and fun and happy and welcome in spring. You might call this peak Portland, but I call it liberating. This is the fourth of several posts, several because there were so very many pictures. 

This pictures in this post could be filed in a place where you would go if you wanted to remind yourself how to dance like nobody was watching, except everyone was watching, except everyone was cool, so cut loose, life is short, &c, &c.

I really went for the candid, unposed. That is the sort of thing that speaks to me the loudest, but there are some photos that you just have to have a pose for.

For instance.

We had a couple of the Sisters of Perpetual Indugence there. You know Y'lluria's idea had wings when these tender ministers show up.

Meanwhile, a few others of the blithe spirits sunned themselves in the slightly-unseasonably warm weather. The young lady on the far right in the photo above deserves notice; she was a unicorn, and I'm down with that, because Portland needs more unicorns. She was truly a lovely woman, and I should have taken more pictures of her.

The sheer ease and niftyness of the atmosphere is palpable.

This next faerie was charming because of the rag-tag mien. It's as though she stepped out of the forest:

Whereas this one was charming because she was all Mardi Gras and ebullience, an explosion of color:

And, of course, hippies of all ages.

The complexity of this young lady's wings (I believe the older woman next to her was her mother or guardian) would have gotten a 'best wings in show', if there were awards for that being given:

The young lady un-self-consciously dancing in the below for her friends was charming beyond surly words, of course.

And it goes perfectly with the look of happy abandon on this young lady, also dancing as though little else mattered.

And Mom may have been distracted … but the little girl there certainly had the photographers number.

About the other thing this brings to mind is an aphorism I recently saw electronically:

If you're having trouble dancing like nobody sees you, just look at a toddler. They do it, and there isn't even any music.
A little wild abandon never hurts.

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