15 July 2016

[liff] The 2 Cat Crew, 9 Months On

Back in October, 2015, we had spots under the salary cap to fill, and The Wife™ found three adorable little guys … two black brothers and one gray brother-from-another-mother.

Ricky, Ralph, and Mason. Or, as they were quickly dubbed, the 2 Cat Crew Feat. Grand Master Mason. Mason was 9 weeks old, Ricky and Ralph were a bit older - about 5 months.

Ricky had the traditional, non-exotic cat lines, and a shiny yet wooly coat. Ralph had the hint of the Oriental, and a a coat with a preternatural sleekness … and the wiliness of a coiled steel spring. Mason had a short, wooly coat an the handsomest face I've seen on a cat in a while.

Well, it's 9 months on. They've all graduated from kittenhood to young adulthood, and have just gotten more devastatingly handsome. Here's Ralph and Mason …

And, of course, Ricky:

Ralph has become a healthy, slender, but fully packed cat-shaped muscle. He's always on the watch. Ricky has cobbied out and is a chubby, shiny-coated chill-out dude. And Mason? Still squirrelly, but adorable.

And they know that a cat's place is on the bed, when the people are curled up in it.

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