05 July 2016

[W69] Westercon 69 Memories: The View From The Hotel

Westercon 69 just concluded here in Portland. I was there for some of that there thing, and I have some photos. Many more memories, and the photos, of course, help.

The event was at Portland's Doubletree Lloyd Center Hotel. It's a 15-story building and they loved putting the hospitality suite at the top there. This made getting there as much of a adventure as being there.

From the distant peak of Mount Hood through the glass of the elevator …

… to a gorgeous deeply-red-inflected sunset over the Lloyd District …

… to an incomparably unforgettable view of downtown Portland as the light fades.

Portland is the most photogenic city in the world.


Dunx said...

weirdly enough, I have no photos at all from the con - just copious notes from the panels. My first fan con in 25 years, and I enjoyed it greatly.

Samuel Klein said...

Well, you've got the memories, and that's what counts. Sounds like you had some good ones. And a notebook full of notes is sometimes more vivid than the most colorful picture.