09 July 2016

[liff] On The Subject of Superstars

I've been reading a great deal about Andy Warhol and the way he lived his life. I must say, still, even though I can recognize what a great infusion of new ideas (or at least aggressively current ones for the time) he brought to popular art at the time, a great deal of his work doesn't reach me.

His life, though … that's another thing. He lived his life like it was one big artwork. I find it endlessly fascinating. Since I keep diary, I remember the big cultural bomb that The Andy Warhol Diaries were. It was so very fashionable, as an actor or actress or public figure, to find yourself mentioned in them. And fact was, or at least I have read, was that he started the diary as a way to keep track of daily expenses after he got in some financial legal trouble. Or at least that's what I heard, but it makes sense. Somehow everything he did just got big and bombastic and outlandish.

I've also been learning about Warhol's Superstars, that coterie of actors, artists, and performers he kept about him when he was at his biggest and brightest. As I understand it, if you came to work for him and worked in one of his film or figured in his artwork, he'd call you a Superstar, and then promote you. Some of them became famous, some notorious. All of them seem to be remembered.

Now, Andy seemed to have a fairly cynical view of the idea of fame, but I was thinking, what if we all figured out who our own superstars were, and promoted them? I mean, we aren't Andy Warhol (I think sometimes not even he was), but that doesn't mean we can't support, as best as we can, those people around us who color our individual worlds. What would it be like if we all really started pulling for each other? We all fancy that we do, but sometimes, I wonder … two people I know are either homeless and jobless or on the edge of it. I promote them via Facebook because it's what I can do right now, but I do it.

Ever since there's been a social media, I've shared neat people and things by them that make me happy without hesitation. Because that's what I do, because I'm happy when my friends win.

I see superstars in my own life. If only you could view the world with my eyes.

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