12 July 2016

[liff] The May Day Faerie Circle in Peninsula Park V: How To Be Totally In Love

On May the 1st, 2016, in Peninsula Park, in Portland, Oregon, a group of blithe spirits were called together to do something daft and absurd and fun and happy and welcome in spring. You might call this peak Portland, but I call it liberating. This is the fifth of several posts, several because there were so very many pictures.

There was this couple there that I could not take my eyes off of.

I think of them as "The Two". This is them:

They seemed to be romance perfectely embodied. This couple had a magnetism to them, as though what they shared was so universal you shared it too, just to be in their general vicinity. Old lovers could look at them and smile in realization and remembrance; lonesome people could look at them and feel hope for what they hope for.

The world just seemed to be set up with a perfect place for them, and they fit in that  place, hand-in-glove, every move perfect, every countenance, beatific.

There's no printed guide on how to be perfectly in love with your partner, and I don't think one could be written in any human language, but in the wordless language of the heart, it's all there.

You just have to study the scene until the light happens.

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