08 July 2016

[liff] The May Day Faerie Circle in Peninsula Park III: The Live Soundtrack

On May the 1st, 2016, in Peninsula Park, in Portland, Oregon, a group of blithe spirits were called together to do something daft and absurd and fun and happy and welcome in spring. You might call this peak Portland, but I call it liberating. This is the third of several posts, several because there were so very many pictures. 

Like any great festival, the May Day Faerie Circle had live music.

All of it improvised. This was a cosmic jam session with the accent on easy. Everyone had their instrument and everyone was enjoying the flow.

Gaea unplugged, you might call it. There was also freestyle percussion:

… and something that I think of, in retrospect, as Sunny Oregon Breakdown … mandolin, harp, and handpan.

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