13 July 2016

[W69] Westercon 69 Memories: Jim Hardison and Fish Wielder

Fish Wielder is scarcely a month out from release. You can get your preorder on at Amazon, of course. And Jim was at the W69 dealer's room bazaar, doin' the hard promotional work.

He's a very dapper person, convention-wise. On the day we were there, he was dressed thusly:

… and the look of open happiness you see there, trust me, is real. With Jim what you see is what you get.

And what else did we see that day? Free coloring sheets. Free customized Bradfast-emblazoned M&M's. Free stckers, temp tats, character cards.  Free ton'o'Fish Wielder stuff. The mug? You had to do just one thing to get one; see the Fish Wielder book trailers on line and come back and tell him you like them.

His countenance is one I've come to know amongst the creators I've so far been privileged to know. The good ones, the ones doing good things you don't want to miss, that are going to not only entertain you but uplift you a little, are generous in spirit. And that, Jim certainly is.

Because generous friendship is, also, as Brad and Thoral would tell you:

Yes, free.

Now, like I said, Jim … or, should I say, J.R.R.R. Hardison (you can tell it's quality fantasy by the multiplicity of R's in the name, accept no substitutes) is a generous fellow and a lot of fun to chat with. He let me chatter on about creating and engaged me on the subject, suggesting that the stream of consciousness would be something good to write about myself.

Alongside Jim was Herb Apon, artist and creator of the exterior look of Fish Wielder; he did the drawing above as well as a great many of them which adorned the booth, and the character cards I've shown off earlier. He was doing what any good artist does while we visited … constantly drawing. He's kind a genius and a whiz, and a lot of the drawings he did, as well as some of the other giveaway stuff and thoughts on W69 attendance are related by Jim on his Book Wielder Diary in this entry here:


The Wife™ got another Brad temp tat and a QR Code sticker, and stuck it on the back of her blouse, and whenever someone asked her "Did you know you have a sticker on your back?" she'd say "Yes, why don't you scan the QR code and see where it goes?"

I'm looking forward to Fish Wielder I and I really want to see Jim succeed with this. It's going to be good and he's going to be big.

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