06 March 2007

[art] Art Supplies–Cheap!

735 Yes, it's the eternal question–art materials or booze?

No, no, it's not the eternal question. Skip that. Sorry.

Anyhow, on Monday me and The Wife™ were able to visit a store we particularly love–I've Been Framed, at 4950 SE Foster Rd. Being right at the crook of Foster and Powell, parking requires a bit of planning, but it's worth the effort.

I've Been Framed does a big business in art framing, but that's only the half of it. They have the most worthwhile selection of cheaply-priced art materials we know of. This is just the place for the dabbler or the new artist who wants to dip their toe (so to speak) in oils or watercolors but don't want to sell the farm just to try it out (art materials, remember, can get 'spensive real quick).

They have closeouts on oil colors, water colors, acrylic paints, little starter kits, canvases and papers at amazingly good prices. This last time, me and The Wife™ walked out with two high-quality sketchbooks, one little Moleskine-knockoff book, an armful of colors and pastels, and blew less than $60 for it.

The catch is that they buy the clearance stocks of various places that are going out of business and lots that people are trying to get rid of, so the stocks are not going to be 100% consisten from day to day. But if you're looking for an art supply, and you happen to be in that area, we've found enough pleasant surprises that it's always worth a look.

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