30 March 2007

[design] Extensis: The Quiet Giant Amongst Us

746 I didn't know it when I started studying GD, but one of the big names in creative software lives right here in good old Stumptown.

Extensis is a name familiar to a lot of digital creatives and Mac addicts: its flagship applications have been the Suitcase line, which was one of the first applications I bought for my then-new PowerMac G4, as Suitcase X1.

I no longer have Suitcase X1, in as much the big hard drive crisis wiped it from my drive back in November. I remember enjoying using it, however.

Portland's Extensis seems to be very committed to the Adobe CS3 platform, recently announcing upcoming free font-activation plugins for Suitcase Fusion for Indy CS3 and Illy CS3, which is undoubtedly fine.

I have not had the chance to upgrade to Suitcase Fusion (though I have had the opportunity to review it for Designorati) and I liked what it had to offer.

And they have a cool blog, which I read (soon to be blogrolled). I think it's pretty cool to have a company like that in Portland.

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