06 March 2007

[design] Adobe Creative Suite 3: Contact Imminent

734 It's apparently official; Adobe Creative Suite 3 is now just around the corner, with the official announcement date mooted at 27 March 2007 with a release/ship date apparently soon to follow. According to an announcement posted at the site Beta News, an analyst at Merrill Lynch spilled the beans about days and what in general we might expect.

But that's all Adobe's telling us about form and function up to now. I'd say that the best way to get a look at what CS3 will probably look like is for those lucky Adobe users who've downloaded the Photoshop CS3 Standard public beta to fire it up and run it.

Creative Suite 3 is apparently going to be a Universal Binary as well, meaning it will run on both PowerMacs and MacIntels, and a rocket ride around what the tech analysts are saying strongly suggests that the combination of CS3 and Leopard is going to make Apple a very very profitable place to be in the coming months.

I find myself wondering if this will be a perfect storm for Quark. QuarkXPress 7 is much improved from QXP 6.x, but if CS3 is slick enough, Quark will still find itself in the catch-up position.

If I were them, I'd be kinda worried.

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