27 March 2007

[design] Adobe Creative Suite 3: Now It Can Be Told

745 Yes, Creative Suite 3 is announced...and we know what's going to be there. We don't quite exactly know when it'll be officially on sale, and we know it's gonna be sa-weet.

I am, of course thrilled. And it's nice to be able to breathe again–for the past several months, while I've been TE'ing an upcoming book and learning up on CS3, I've been under NDA about these things. However, now me (and some others) can tell the world: I've written already about the CS3 and InCopy/InDesign CS3 here and here and I've got more coming up (I'm particularly excited about Adobe (neĆ© Macromedia) Flash® CS3 Professional).

They say "feature-packed" a lot in the software biz, and I think it's profitable for any regular user to be a little bit jaundiced when that phrase that gets flung about. But Adobe does not use this in vain. At the first "here" link above (or at the end of this link if you don't feel like scrolling back up) at at least 10 reasons why I'm (and I think you) should be excited about CS3, at least the Design Collections.

Almost all of it will run on PowerPC as well as MacIntels; certainly the Design Collections will. You'll need a MacIntel for the Production Collection, but the core apps, InD, InC, PS, Illy, Dreamweaver, Flash, are all Universal Binaries, so live can be equally as sweet for PowerMac and MacIntel users alike.

Altho I think Quark, Inc would do well to take note here. IMHO, it's QuarkXPress catch-up time again.

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Char said...

I am so excited to hear about this release! I have been using Fireworks/Dreamweaver for years on my PC(since release 2) and I also have CS2 on my iMac. I look forward to getting it all together on one platform!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Yep, from what I've seen this is one release that you can get excited about. Adobe lovers have something to cheer about, and Quark has one more reason to worry.

Here I talk rather freely, here I am not being engaged by QuarkVsInDesign to be impartial (which I can; I have found much in QuarkXPress 7 to be admired). But the improvements to InDesign level if off with Quark and leapfrog quite a bit ahead. There's headaches in Denver, I guarantee you.

This release will make everyone happy that Adobe assimilated Macromedia.