08 March 2007

[design] Developing Supporting Materials: Virtual and Real

739 There's just no doubt about it...it's time to amp up the self-promotion by establishing my own website and refreshing my identity.

The word identity to a print designer means one thing generally–the brand. In this case, it's Brand Sam™.

As far as the identity goes, I'll be developing a business system–that is, a coordinated letterhead, business card, envelope system. This will share tangible design elements such as logo, type, and colors, and intangible ones as well, such as color, relationships, and attitudes of the elements I do use, all of which will thematically bind the group together. This is what makes it a system.

The website I'll take a more gradual approach to. Right now I'm evaluating providers. I'm familiar and have had experience with Lunarpages, which seems to have a wide range of services available at a wide range of price points. I've heard both good and bad about Lunarpages, but so far the good is ahead of the bad.

I'll be most interested in a hosting service that can give me a easy start and grow with me, with a history of stable pricing.

That's not to say that Raindrop Laboratories (the best damn ISP in the world, word to Alan Batie) isn't a good solution for the small-timer, which level I'm trying to graduate from...it sure is, and Alan also offers hosting plans, which I'll be evaluating as well.

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