01 March 2007

[netlife] Photoshop Is Coming To the Web

733 Photoshop...the staple of respectable graphic designers, image manipulators, Farkers, and visual arts malcontents everywhere, as a web-based application?

It's going to happen, according to Bruce Chizen. As I mentioned in this news bit on Designorati yesterday (which links to the CNet News.com article it sources) he's apparently said that it's due live and online sometime in the next three-six months.

And that's not all...the hosted version of PS is supposed to be free, supported by ad revenue. Adobe doesn't seem to be doing this to move away from coming out with shrinkwrapped versions (Creative Suite 3 is coming and it is massive, yo) but to compete with hosted offerings by Google (Picasa) and Microsoft (whatever it is they are doing). This is part of the battle for the Web.

The hosted version of PS is not going to be feature-complete; rather, it is said it will have whast is essentially a subset of PS functionality, presumably appropriate to the Web interface and efficiently deliverable over a web connection. For instance, I don't see PS for the Web as having too many layers (could be wrong there, Adobe's magic) or advanced features like alpha channels. But we'll see.

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