11 March 2007

[pdx] One More for Norm Thompson

743 Here's another pic of the old Norm Thompson building at NW 18th and Thurman, focussing on the part that the veneer's been removed on, with a better view of the old painted signage:

I adore the hand-done typography; while it's nearly immaculately-executed it is clearly hand done and seems rather proud of that fact. The italic tagline is a delightful bonus.

And here's a photo of NW Thurman Street looking east toward Front Avenue taken at (natch) the same time. I'm including it because I have a big soft spot for the romantic feel of an empty street in a deserted corner of town in the pit of the night:

In the next block up on the left is a cabinet shop, The Thurman Group, and on the right is a machine shop called Premier Gear Works. The area is filling up with upscale development, but they ain't driven out the real folks...not quite yet.

The time was 0430 approximately on 11 March 2007

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