31 March 2007

[type] Indents, Hyphenation, Leading, Finding Fonts...

747 Everyone has questions on the titular subjects–especially those thoughtful designerly types who love the "high-end type controls" that modern layout applications obtain.

The fact is that most people introduced to those controls–leading, kerning, &c &c, have so much to adjust now they either spend a lot of time twiddling or almost none. Or, if you're late to type obsession, as aim I, you invariably forget something, and look back at the finished piece and go "gahhh....wish I had that to do over."

Irene Strizver at CreativePro.com gives you a rocket ride around four common things and has good advice served up: Tabs vs Indents (hint: use 1st line indent, not tabs); Hacking Hyphenation; a nifty Auto Lead vs no Auto Lead that'll help you control leading with characters of varying point sizes, and timely tips for font searching.

It's all at CreativePro.com here.

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crallspace said...

Thanks for stopping by. I think you hit the "fox-based humor" idea right on the nose.

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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Hey! I coined a phrase–how cool.

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