07 March 2007

[art] Site To See: EmptyEasel.com

736 I stumbled on this one when I was Googling Bob Ross (don't ask why–it was an impulse), and there was a highly pithy commentary on why Ross Method ain't necessarily all that. I found that me and he agreed on quite a bit as far as The Bob went.

Since that first post I've exchanged at least one email with the webster (Dan by name) and traded links. EmptyEasel is well thought out and intriguing, with an article-a-day sort of thing, something about art, about making art, about inspiration–if it has to do with art, Dan will write about it, and it's clear he knows his stuff.

We suggest anyone interested in art–addicts to tyros–give it a visit. We do.

That's emptyeasel.com. Accept no substitutes.

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