24 January 2010

[ad design] YaVaughnie Williams and Charles Phillips: Inappropriate Subject, Appropriate Design

2305.High-flying people have high-flying appetites, as they say. When Oracle co-supremo Charles Phillips flew, he flew high, and he had a girl on the side, as they also say. Taking revenge, for some people, is an act of art as well as design.

The art part, the part that will be remembered, emerged when the melodically-named YaVaughnie Williams decided to take revenge on her ex-beau (with whom she waged an 8.5-year-long extramarital affair, as reported by the New York Daily News) by paying for three-storey-high billboards in New York's Times Square, Atlanta, and San Francisco with a very compelling romantic message (Image right screenclipped from the Daily News article).

The point I'm driving at is, in the midst of all this sordidness, the design of the ad is actually quite solid. The flowing script type is romantic in its own way, and when coupled (sorry) with the image of a happy pair embracing, the descender on the g dipping below and behind the line of the lady's head and linking them inextricably, the message of carefree, passionate romance is powerfully sent. The tagline You Are My Soulmate Forever - cep is just so much icing on the cake.

Charles and YaVaughnie's relationship may be in shambles, but that designer deserves to be art-directing somewhere.

Why YaVaughnie felt compelled to throw down big coin to humiliate her ex so remains unclear at press time.

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