07 January 2010

[comics] Why Joe Sacco Prefers PDX

2289.Joe Sacco, awesome globetrotting comic artist that he is, keeps coming back to quiet, nothing-ever-happens-here PDX.

I've always wondered why myself, and with all this foofaraw about the so-called creative class, it's a good question, I think. So, why does someone who could pretty much carve his niche anywhere he wants continually return to this our cozy little town? PMerc tells you:

But I came back about six years ago or maybe seven years ago to finish this book. Because I was living in Europe at the time and I was thinking, "What's the next city I want to live in?" I just needed to be in a place where I know I can work and I will have as many distractions as I want, not too few necessarily—it's not like New York where you're just distracted endlessly. Portland's a place where you can hear yourself think.

So he comes back to Portland because this is little old, quite, nothing-ever-happens-here PDX.

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