26 January 2010

[logo] An Update To The Channel Surfing Series-WPHT Channel 8

2309.I'm pretty happy to announce a donation to the gallery I did sometime back called "Channel Surfing", where I gathered a great number of TV station logos (which I adore) and commented on them.

This is an addition to the Eights, and comes to me from Matt Locker, via email. He described it thus:

I saw your collection of "Channel 8's" - here's another.  WPHT was a cable-only on campus commercial station on the Campus of William paterson College.
PHT stood for Pioneer, Heritage, Towers ...the names of the dorms...

Since WPHT wasn't a broadcast channel, I'm intrigued that they took an approach like this, but in the library there are quite a few cable channels that adopt the broadcast logo look, so it's hardly unprecedented. Here's what Channel 8-WPHT's logo, based at William Paterson College (now William Paterson University) in Wayne NJ, looked like:

Nice looking logo! Tightly-designed, all parts of the logo - the letter forms and the digit - look good together and harmonize. Gets, as I like to say, the job done. What I especially enjoy is that the letterforms look as thout they were designed to to the digit. Overall, the whole thing looks as though it were from the school of visual thought that gave birth to the KGW logo from about 1976-1978 or so.

Thanks, Matt! And, hey, I guess I accept submissions to the gallery, so if anyone has anything interesting they'd like to share, heck ... send it along! Clicking "Blog Contact" in the header image will do it for you.

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