02 January 2010

[design] Clients From Hell

2286.(via @iamkhyyam on Twitter) Everyone's got 'em. The designer version will make your head swim:

"An insurance salesman I was working with called me, livid about a 10-second music pad I had created for him. It featured some pop drums and an upbeat a cappella melody. In an outrage, he told me that his clients weren’t black, didn’t live in Harlem, and didn’t want to hear hip hop."


"We have figured out why only a few shop visitors buy: they have to agree to the terms and conditions during checkout. Please remove that."

And how about this?:

Client: You know about final cut pro right?

Me: Yes.

Client: I hear there is a button that makes the video go into focus.

Me: What do you mean into focus?

Client: Well I shot video but it’s all out of focus and I hear there is a button in final cut pro that will fix this for me.

Me: I don’t think that’s possible.

Client: I thought you said you knew final cut pro.

For more, surf to Clients From Hell (http://clientsfromhell.tumblr.com/).

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