12 January 2010

[type] New Punctuation, The Sarcasm Mark. Ironically, There Already Was One.

2295.Via Gawker, we find that an entrepreneur feels that our stock of punctuation isn't rich enough; they feel that we need a mark specifically created to mark a sentence as sarcastic; the SarcMark®:

And, for $1.99, they'll sell you a bit of code designed to make it easy to insert one.

Ironically, many typographers are pointing out, we've already been there and done that:

We await the reactions from the punters.

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Anonymous said...

There is one, it is not being used actively this days but in Semitic language of Amharic( spoken only in Ethiopia), the reverse of ! which will look like an i is used for sarcastic texts.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

That's both interesting and amusing, and I mean that most non-sarcastically.

I need to look that thing up!

I guess too many people in English would thing that they're reading a Spanish exclamatory.

Tristan Bowersox said...

It's kind of massive... And I don't see it conveying sarcasm. Granted, the meaning of punctuation is mostly learned, not shown, but there's a sense of shock in an exclamation point.

I just a few days ago decided to start toying around with a sarcasm mark. What I came up with was like a bent exclamation point. It aligns with the hyphen so you can extend it with a couple dashes to really lay on the snark :)