20 January 2010

[logo] LOGO DESIGN EPIC FAIL: Anti-Piracy Agency Uses Pirated Font In Logo

2304.In Britain you have the Digital Economy Act, in America, the  Millennium Copyright Act, and, in France, the High Authority Promoting the Distribution and Protection of Creative Works on the Internet, or, as the Frenchies say, the Haute Autorité pour la Diffusion des Œuvres et la Protection des Droits sur Internet.

Of course, a mouthful like that deserves an initialism, and this one's is Hadopi, as is the name of the agency charged with the administration of same. Here, via The Font Feed, is Hadopi's logo:

Now, in my opinion, that's pretty well-done. the idea of rights-protection is driven home with the d and the p embracing and protecting the o (which, it will be recalled, stands for the French word for "works", which we 'Merikins somewhat incorrectly spell oeuvre.

Now, if you were wanting to come up with an ironic twist on this, how would you work that into the plot?

I bet you're ahead of me on this one (especially provided you read the title of this). As it turned out, the designer charged with creating a logo for the French agency charged with imposing fines for people ripping off works from creators … ripped off the font. Specifically, the font used, Bienvenue, is the exclusive bespoke font – for France Télécom.

"Bespoke" as in "exclusively reserved for France Télécom's use, and only their use, and not to be released to the general public or, in fact, anybody".

Awkward. Not full of win.

The Font Feed has all the content you'd want on this one at http://fontfeed.com/archives/french-anti-piracy-organisation-uses-pirated-font-in-ownlogo/.

Hate it when that happens. Just goes to show how hard due diligence is sometimes (giving the benefit of the doubt there).

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