18 January 2010

[web design] This Trend Must Still Die Screaming – Banner Ads With Odd Photos

2300.The dumb banner-ads from LowerMyBills.com have always irritated. They take us for reacting-engines with all the restraint of Pavlov's dogs. And I've got to say here that, despite the worn-til-shiny witticism that "there is no such thing as bad publicity", sometimes, bad publicity is still bad. So in this case, talking about them is not the same as giving them air (at least, not with this blog's readership).

Here's the latest travesty. I ignored it for as long as I could but I can't ignore it no more:

Here's the photo:

Whiskey Tango Froxtot, dudes? I mean, you've tortured me with pictures of very handsome African-Americans and the caption "Obama wants Moms to Go Back To School", but I … I just don't get this. Who is that? Patty Hearst during her Tania/SLA days with facial hair? Your CEO after a bender? Joaquin Phoenix after a bender? What?

The thing about clever ads is that the clever wears off after a while. The banner ads with odd animated pictures, dancing silhouettes, and tattoos were entertaining for a while, but this horse has pretty much been ridden to death.

Clever ads are nice, but nothing but a diet of them is like a steady diet of Key lime pie … heaven for a while, but before long, if you don't get hold of a saltine cracker, you're going to puke. Past that point, advertisers are just yanking you. And not in the good way.

I'm feeling like a "yankee" right about now.

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vespabelle said...

I swear this dude is my friend Ian. if you see him walking the streets of Portland, say hi. He's a nice guy and a good finish carpenter in case you need some baseboard put in.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, if I ever see him I'll give him a tip-o-the-cap (or whatever I have on me head at the time).

Isn't that strange? And wonderful at the same time?