10 April 2010

[bloggage] Developing A Blog Posting Plan B


Since I have pretentions to a blog mostly concentrating on the visual world, uploading pictures is close to a deal-breaker. And if I can't find a blog editor that will upload pictures on a dependable basis, I cry inside.

Scribefire has been working for a very long time now. But, over the last two weeks, it has been very confused in the matter of picture uploading. This post is being assembled in the Flock browser's blog post editor, which is nifty in the general and will upload multiple accounts but is undependable in the way that sometimes I will have the function and sometimes I will not and I still don't have too much of a line on how it will behave. Here, for example, is the test pattern – uploaded again, and there are ways to go to the Picasa account to hopefull make it so's I don't have to reupload the picture over and over … but Flock has a lot of different ways to do a lot of different things in the social.

This is that test pattern.

So, I have a plan be until ScribeFire gets its act together. I found (refound actually) two bookmarklets (one for Delicious and the other for generating Technorati tags) and can use them … so until SF is back, I'll use Flock (the interface is kind of nifty) and fight with it occasionally I guess.

Sadly, I'm compelled to blog. I've tried stopping, and I can't. Too bad I'm not famous for doing it but c'est la guerre, mon frere.

GAAAAH Update: No, Flock won't work it either. I can't resize an image that it doesn't turn all pixelled. Ptttth!

This is an attempt to see if I can't press Contribute CS3 into service again.

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