13 April 2010

[design] The New ZehnKatzen Graphic Arts Website

One thing that I need to evolve away from is the use of the blog as a sort of website. Not that this is a bad thing, necessarily. It gives a changing look at my attitudes, moods, what's distracting me, what's going here, there and everywhere. But not ideal.

I'm kind of proud to announce a new direction in my online presence. For a very long time now, my usual actual home page, http://www.rdrop.com/users/eagle,  has been, to be kind, moribund. As of today, this has changed:

The site itself is the picture of simplicity and just-enough-design. You go right to what you want to know about me – my blog (if you find me amusing) my portfolio (which is on Behance) and a contact link takes you straight to email with the subject line of Website Contact, so I know where y'all's coming from!

It makes me happy to look at it – I love it when I do something that looks good.

So bookmark me, and stop on by. I'm going to grow that from there, and eventually, get it a better name like, oh, Zehnkatzen.com or something.

Stay tuned.

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