17 April 2010

[liff] Roberta Phillip is Out Of The Race

2396.The competition for the Multnomah County District 2 seat is pretty tough; Roberta Phillip, as of yesterday afternoon, has included herself out.

I mention this because I designed part of the look of her campaign – the campaign logo and, at the time of her withdrawal from the race, was entering into a revision cycle (set something on high speed) for her tri-fold campaign brochure.

Looking at the content I must say I think we're missing out. She has a group of firm, good, people-first values and her history suggests she would have done her level best to carry them out into her leadership style. It's to be hoped that she decides, at some later time not too far down the road, to try again.

Thanks to T.A. Barnhart, local liberal lion for giving me the opportunity to design the look of the campaign. I was proud of the logo that I produced, and it looked rather good on the top of her website.

It would have been nifty to see this on a lawn sign, yes? And, I never did get a chance to meet the lady, that would have been cool too.

For what it's worth, I'm available for similar work. I greatly enjoyed this, and would love the chance to do it again for some other political candidate.

The complete tale of the work I did here can be found at my Behance portfolio:
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