13 April 2010

[design] A Double Hit Of PMS 4975 Looks Tasty

2393.The excellent things one finds by following printers and designers on twitter – according to Tyler Ashcraft of Bridgetown Printing:
Soft touch aqueous on a rich brown (double hit of PMS 4975) is reminiscent of melted chocolate. Just sayin...
Colors evoke memories, and that's true. Blue, green (like the crops around Salem) and golden brown work very well for me. By a "double hit of PMS 4975", he means you take a spot ink – PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, and specifies an exact colored ink (rather than the approximation you get from four-color process) and overprint it. The "soft touch aqueous" is a coating that creates a shiny translucent surface over that ink. Here's what a double-hit of 4975 looks like in InDesign, with the overprint preview turned on:

Put a sheen on that – yeah, that'd do it.

I love the way printers think. Like water for that chocolate?

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marcie said...

ahhh yes.... now I know why my logo is designed utilizing 4975.... "water for that chocolate".... I must be the original chocolate-hound around!!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

It's a good choice. It's visually close to the brown of a Hershey bar ... it's strong enough to be noticable. Lots of good connotations.

Checked out your website. The logo is creditable. Good luck on your endeavor!