20 April 2010

[liff] Me and The Tom Peterson Watch

2397.Back in January, when I finally got, through the grace of a good lady in Happy Valley, a Tom Peterson wristwatch, I figured I'd have fun with it, of course, but I figured I'd wear it about 50% of the time, give or take. I have a perfectly good watch that keeps alarms and all that, nice little Timex.

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking, as they say.

It wasn't that I think Tom should stay on the shelf, no, he deserves to be taken out and used. But the more you use a thing, the more the chance is that something will cause damage to it – you know, catch a doorjamb or flying stone or something.

But the truth is, that since I've gotten it, I can't picture going out without it. It is just that cool. So, instead of a kitschy little bit of fun, I've come to depend on it.

So far it's only been a few months with the watch – but I feel undressed if I go out without it.

You rock, Tom.

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