22 April 2010

[pdx] Don't Know Why, There's No Sun Up In The Sky ...

2400.... stormy weather ...

Taking pix in PDX is a good thing to do, even if there's clouds most of the time. This, of course, is my favorite angle on Downtown, taken from the east end of the might, mighty Ross Island Bridge. This is particularly interesting territory because, if you turn your head a little to the right from this vista, you get a look at what I'm thinking is some sort of aggregate plant or summat:

Off on the horizon is the towers of the Lloyd District, and it's sequestered from the nearby industrial neighborhood by the construction on the McLoughlin Blvd Viaduct - which looks to be proceeding quite swimmingly.

Speaking of swimming, here's a pool at the foot of this property that I wouldn't want to jump in:

There's something as strangely pretty about that color as I'm sure it's not-too-healthy for you (not to cast aspersions, I certainly don't know what's there, but I wouldn't want to have to find it in my water glass, let's just say).

If you turn south, you get a glimpse of something that's not just 180 degrees in direction, but attitude:

That's the northwest corner of the Brooklyn nabe, a bit of PDX that goes from the river back to about SE 21st Avenue and Powell Blvd south to SE Holgate Boulevard. Nice little nabe, centrally-located, pretty houses. Lived there once in a four-plex on SE 8th, which was lucky for us because once a clutch gave out on a car we owned as it was cresting the Ross Island Bridge, and The Wife™ was able to coast it most of the way home.

Good times.

Some of those houses on the brow of the knoll there inspire visions of how one would live there if they had one. It would be awesome if someone turned one of those houses into a version of the one the Addams Family lived in.

If me and The Wife™ ever won the lottery – well, watch out Brooklyn. Watch out.

Not too much after that we found ourselves in Hollywood at the Grocery Outlet store. I found the clouds there luminious and photo-worthy, and really needing of no other comment save that Spring in Oregon is grand … unsettled skies, and pretty much no thunder storms. The perfect mix.

Dramatic backlit clouds.

When I was a kid studying weather (but for the vicissitudes of life I'd of been a TV Weatherman) I was told that cumulus clouds were friendly, happy things – but that cloud's clearly got a 'tude on. I bet it's got a switchblade.

Backlit clouds taken through an old, straggly tree that doesn't have its Spring foliage yet create a moody picture that's luminous with a tiny hint of macabre drama, and seems particularly record-album-cover- or book-cover-worthy. I therefore encourage any one laying out an album cover or book jacket to contact me to purchase rightsemphatically if you're a particularly large, wealthy, or popular musical act or publisher. Let's deal.

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stan said...

I will confess to living vicariously through your presentation of Stumptown photos, even if they're of an industrial site. I take them all in. TNT's "Leverage" just doesn't feature enough PDX exteriors (PDXteriors?) to satisfy my needs, and they don't give me extensive commentary as you do. Plus, they pretend it's Boston.

So thanks, Sam. Never stop capturing images of our wonderful city. It's a noble service.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

It's been my pleasure, Stan. What I do, while hardly the most popular chronicle, is my own love letter to my own home town – it's flaws, and it's beauty.

While Leverage is quite the hip thing around here, they're going to downplay anything that looks Portland-y, it's true. No Fremont Bridge, no Big Pink … and certainly no unicorns.

Altho coincidentally, if the coin flipped the other way (as you may know), this town would have been the west-coast Boston.

Your feedback made my day. I assuredly have more comin' up, Out 122nd way and elsewhere.