19 June 2010

[liff] Meanwhile, In The Heartland, They Still Want To Be Us

Caught by twitterer @drewmaniac, and routed to Those Who'd Find This Stuff Funnay by our old friend Stan Kost @dinglemunch (formerly of Milwaukie now happily married in Orinocoflow Missouri) we see that, regardless of whether you think the bloom is off the PDX PR rose, some areas of the heartland (whether seriously or sarcastically, we don't know for sure) still aspire to Portlandness.

This was seen in a Springfield coffee shop:

The Springfield in question is the one in Missouri. I'm pretty sure the Portland they're talking about isn't the one in Maine.

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stan said...

Hey, at least they scored points for using Helvetica.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Actually thanks for pointing that out. UR 100% correct. Mad ups for the Helvetica.