14 June 2010

[logo design] On The Other, Other Hand: A Whitecaps FC Fan Likes The New Timbers Logo

After surveying the unahappy side of the new Timbers Logo deal, I did find a kudo to the new logo ... from a Whitecaps FC fan who thinks the Vancouver organization pretty much ashcanned a bunch of team history and tradition with the new Whitecaps logo look:

What a novel approach, the Timbers decided to respect the traditions of their own club, and to consult with its fans. Furthermore,  the Timbers actually chose their own colours and their own logo.  Had the Whitecaps decided to consult their fans they might have heard what an offence to the teams history the new uniform and logo are.

The only gesture towards tradition in the new Whitecaps uniform is the blue in the bottom half of the logo which is supposed to be “Whitecaps blue”.  Sadly, you can’t see Whitecaps blue in the new Whitecaps uniform unless you get your microscope out. What sad disrespect for the traditions of our team!

Ironically, I liked the new Whitecaps logo:


And so it goes.

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