08 June 2010

[logo design] Vancouver Whitecaps FC On The Scene With A New Logo

(via Dave Knows PDX) The Vancouver Whitecaps FC, with all the pride that goes along with such things, is celebrating its elevation to Major League Soccer with an all new logo:

It's a daring design in its way, and I enjoy it muchly.

The logo itself makes many appropriate references. The whole thing seems to be an extremely-abstract rendering of a common Vancouver scene, with the tower-clustered skyline in the mid-ground, the mountains in the background, reflecting onto the sea in front. The colors are simple, and the white up top is spot on for a team calling itself Whitecaps.

What really delights about this is its lack of overtly-natural imagery. It represents a natural scene but with nothing but type and straight edges. That it works that way at all is where at least a good deal of the real genius of this logo is found, and moreover, there's one expected thing you don't see.

Can you say what it is?

Isn't it interesting that you probably didn't think of a soccer ball first thing ... but it's the one thing that isn't there? It's a daring stoke to come up with a modern soccer club logo with not a trace of a soccer ball on it, but here you have it. And it works nicely.

It replaces the former, stale, trope-loaded logo:

Which is slick, accomplished, professional-looking - and boring.

The fans who have commented here aren't all that impressed, but I think it'll grow on them.

It's a logo that works pretty well, and I don't know about all the fans, but I give it thumbs-up.

Read all about it at the Vancouver Whitecaps FC here: http://whitecapsfc.com/archive/feature06081001.aspx

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Dave said...

Nice analysis!

One important note though - the fans commenting on the message board thread you link to are Portland Timbers fans (SoccerCityUSA.com hosts the Timbers fan message board), not Vancouver Whitecaps fans. I don't know what their take is.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks, dave.

I did notice the prepoderance of Timbers logos there, so I guess it's natural for them not to be too impressed by whatever the 'Caps do.

A couple of them had deeply-thought comments though, referenceing the branding of Manchester United and some Spanish team or other, and I thought they made cogent points. I don't agree with the conclusion they drew, and I definitely don't think that a "branding" approach is a bad thing.

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