22 June 2010

[type] Font Squirrel ... Truly Free Good-Quality Commerically-Licensed Fonts At Last?

Today's find is a site called Font Squirrel. Font Squirrel's logo proclaims that it provides 100% free fonts for commercial use, which is a boon for anyone who avails themselves of "free" fonts only to find them actually being shareware or "free for personal use only".

Wanting more license info, I downloaded a font called "Sansation", which looks like this:

It's kind of nifty, no? Looks like a refined Eras Bold.

Anyway, the designer, as all good designers should do, included a license. And here's Bernd Montag's license readme, in full and in toto:

This font is freeware for personal and commercial use.
Feel free to distribute this font.
You are permitted to but this font on CDs, websites,... with the following restrictions:

    -Editing is only allowed for personal use,
     don't distribute an edited version of this font!
    -Do not rename this font!
    -Do not sell this font!
    -Do not handle it as your own work!
    -Do not pass the font without this textfile!

I hope you enjoy this font.
If you have further questions, please contact me.

Bernd Montag © 2008 - All Rights Reserved

In short: use it however you want. Don't rip him off with your own mildly-edited or renamed version. Don't pass it off as something you did. Don't ever charge anyone for it.

Man, it can't be simpler than that, cannit? That's just one of them, of course; no matter what promises anyone makes you, be sure to read your font license! Protect yourself and the kind soul who designs your letterforms. That said, Font Squirrel looks like it connects you with the goods - and helps you put together @font-face kits, for remote web embedding via the CSS @font-face atrribute.

Font Squirrel can be found here: http://fontsquirrel.com. Lotta good looking fonts there.

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