19 June 2010

[logo design] The Turn Of The Golden State Warriors For A Logo Relaunch

First it was the Whitecaps, then the Timebers, and now the logo-redesign and re-branding fever spreads south to the SF Bay, with the rollout of the new Golden State Warriors logo. This is the version I was most familiar with:

... or some version of the State-on-basketball motif. They've had a variety of logos, including a very Mercury-influenced one from 1997-present.

Here now is the new Warriors' logo, with a bit of "back-to-the-future" ism:

The individual player's number gets located in the big negative space in the upper right there.

This harkens back to a logo which the players wore on their jerseys during the late 60s and early 70s, which featured a complete span of the bridge and the words The CITY over the top of the circle, and a return to a classic, simpler color scheme.

Although, which a name like "Golden State", a reference to a single, very local geographical attraction seems to ring slightly off key. However, the design itself is fairly accomplished, and pays the proper amount of homage, and in the layout with the number added, looks a great deal like tradition.

The San Jose Mercury-News has a nifty little article, complete with a logo/jersey history and the PMS ink colors you'd need to reproduce this look to an exactitude (because that's what PMS colors are all about, yo), at this link here: http://www.mercurynews.com/top-stories/ci_15322115.

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