04 June 2010

[web design] Another Web Trend That Needs To Die-Screaming Or Otherwise

2428.Some time back, I moaned and groaned about a web design trend that was getting under my skin - incongruous pictures up against home refinance offers on banner ads. These mutated into "Obama wants you to go back to school/take a hike/whatever" with illustrated with everything from photos of the Unabomber to marching CGI MILFS.

Whoever first thought of the Internet as a democratic conduit for learning and culture is spinning in thier grave now ... provided they're already dead, 'course.

Well, those trends are still with us, grinding what's left of one's peace-of-mind into a fine floury powder, but something new's come up, and it's even more dreadful than the rest of it.

I endure popunders. I do not like them, but you have no choice but to accept them (if you did have a choice, you wouldn't). Now, if you had to figure out one thing, just one, to make you terribly upset and angry, to make a time-vampire like online ads even more horrid, what would you do?

Make it look like a real blog or website?

You're close.

You'd also embed a multi-megabyte video file in it! Yippeee!

Now, I loathe sites that load music and then make you have to find the "pause" button to mute it. It's bad enough that the sound file is slowing down my transfer, but I'm already listening to something usually, or want it quiet. When it comes to a soundtrack, don't call me ... I'll call you. Or won't, most likely.

But what really kills web enjoyment is to be loading something (and in my self-described ADDness, I'm interested in several things, simultaneously) when, suddenly ... where's that news report coming from? I don't have a YouTube window open!

Thank Jobs that I have OS X's Expose. I can find the offending window and kill it. But why should I have to do that.

Look, peoples, the blunt truth is, not only do I never buy anything promoted in a popunder, but I don't know anyone who ever has. So, if that's bad enough, you also have to invite yourself to a little bit of my personal space, CPU cycles, bandwidth, and what remains of sanity in this modren world.

Just because you can put something in a web page, doesn't mean you have to. Or even should.

Rant over. For now.

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