24 June 2010

[pdx, art] Singin' More Of The Praises Of Muse Art + Design

I know I've written about Muse Art + Design before, but every time we go in I find my happy place with regards to east side art supplies, and I just want to tell more people about it.

The east side of Portland (and regardless of what your local alt-weekly may or may not say, deep eastside PDX - and by that I mean east of I-205, is in Portland) is sadly lacking in any real artist-centered art stores. So, when we go westward in search of art supplies, we like finding places that make our art-store dollar count for something.

Muse, at 4224 SE Hawthorne Blvd, is located near the ironic end of the Hawthorne trend zone, but its prices are just as reasonable as you could want. My favorite non-Pilot Precise V5 pens, which are now the Copic Multiliners, are 7 bucks a throw (but they're refillable and the points are replacable, just like any good Copic markers. Great selection of paint at great prices. Less elite pens and markers are priced accordingly.

The thing I like the most about Muse is that it, in its way, and like I've Been Framed over at Foster and Powell, is by artists, for artists, and all about artists. Each April, they have "An Artist A Day", a fundraiser when each day of the month an artist works in the front window, producing one piece, which is then hung above the product in an impromptu gallery show and silent auction.

They even have Testors enamel paint! How many art stores stock that? I haven't used Testors since I was ruining model rockets and polystyrene model kits as a kid.

I've noticed that Muse is Twitter enabled - http://twitter.com/MuseArtDesign -  and of course they have an elegantly designed web page, http://MuseArtAndDesign.com. Between them and I've Been Framed, you pretty much have your east side art material needs nailed down.

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