09 March 2016

[design] NASA JPL's "Visions of the Future" Space Tourism Posters ... And A Place That'll Print 'Em For You

A short time ago, NASA JPL released a series of delighfully-retro themed posters envisioning places in the Universe ... including our own, warm, commodious Earth ... as vacation destinations. The series is called Visions of the Future, and they're all available at the site http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/visions-of-the-future/ and all the images are free for the downloading. You can print them as you wish, use them for wallpaper, or whatever.

Your tax dollars at work, Earthling. I, for one, heartily approve of everything from the idea to the implementation to the lush graphics. JPL has hit a home run here.

But what if you don't want to bother with printing them, for whatever reason? Maybe you don't have access to large-format printing, or maybe you'd like to have them in some other form than inkjet? Not to worry, Major Matt Mason; Vivyx printing is charging quite reasonable rates to print them for you. The print charges start at $2.50 by the each for the economy paper in the 12"x18" size but you can also have that in museum-grade canvas for at little as $12.25. If you want big and quality you can have that canvas print in 36"x54" size for $110.25.

The link here is https://www.vivyxprinting.com/nasa-jpl-posters.asp

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