03 March 2016

[pdx] A Last Look At The Centennial Mills Building

The ancient Centennial Mills building, on NW Naito Parkway between NW 9th and 15th Avenues, is going away, deemed to expensive and risky to renovate and preserve by the developer that now owns the property, as we are hearing. While the Portland Police Bureau's Mounted Patrol's home seems to be staying, they're tearing it down now. While I was at the OSU Food Innovation Center participating in a taste test ($40 for between 5 and 7 ounces of pears ... not a bad rate but I wouldn't want to be doing it all day), I got a shot of the side that's not-so-torn-down. It'll probably the the last time I see it up.

Abysinnia, Centennial Mills.

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