11 March 2016

[literature] Fish Wielder Socks for True Afishionados … And A Book Trailer!

Since learning of J.R.R.R. Hardison, life certainly has been funnier at times. And life has just become a little more footwear.

Here, for your delectation, through the auspices of Mr. Hardison, is something I'd not thought exist: Fish Wielder socks.

Yes, socks.

Attractive, soft, and well-made, I predict these will be the envy and fashion of fine afishionados the
length and breadth of Grome, and several other alternative worlds.

With Bradfast ready to get down and get busy, truly your ankles have never been safer.

But that's not all! Jim has released a pretty slick book-trailer for the upcoming work, which I've embedded below, to be watched:

You have been warned.

August, 2016 is coming.

Prepare yourself.

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