06 March 2016

[pdx] The Sellwood Bridge Opening, Part V: The Parade

I told you all that I had an armload of photos. The opening was a week ago now and I'm still sharing, which goes to prove that not only does writing about your world makes the good things stretch out, but there can indeed not be too much of a good thing.

As the opening ceremony concluded, it was time for the parade to begin. This being a bridge, a bridge is about people and about traffic and the traffic it was going to carry … and that was what the parade was about. Delightfully short, but full of delights for the eye, especially if you liked the cars.

First, this lovely brown vintage early 40s Ford. The fellow in the front seat is Commissioner Jules Bailey, whose face I missed because I wasn't quite on-point that moment, but hopefully the artfully-designed fashionably-stubbly beard leaves no doubt. File under Great Moments in Amateur Event Photography. 

This next photo is of a Chrysler Imperial, year indeterminate to me but certainly mid-late 60s. The passenger in the front seat there is County Commissioner Judy Shiprack. The finish is wonderful, but I didn't realize until I was right up beside it that those blue-toned waves aren't paint … they're beads, like the beads on the souvenir native American crafts that we used to see around the house growing up. The gray stripe seems to be made of smooth river rocks. It's not a custom car so much as it's an art-car.

The licence plate, Washington-state, reads 5MILES.

This sweet little job, a classic Pontiac Firebird, is not only a flat-out cherry bomb, but the Oregon plate reads DRAGUN. So it's got a kick-ass attitude to match the style.

Nothing too notable to add about this lovely classic Chevy Camaro Super Sport, but that's only because it's flawless. 

Since this is Portland, food-carts represent. Cartlandia is the one on SE 82nd Avenue at the Clackamas-Multnomah county line.

In about a decade or so, the Tesla will probably become as iconic around here as Subarus are now. And so they go.

TriMet represented, of course, and for a very special reason …

… with the completion of the new bridge, cross-Willamette service returns to the Sellwood area with the routing of the Line 99-Macadam/McLoughlin line over the new span. Currently, the 99 routes into Sellwood via SE 17th Avenue, SE Bybee Blvd, SE 13th Avenue and thence down SE Tacoma St to McLoughlin. With completion of the bridge, the route will be much truer to its name, and it'll be the first service connecting directly from Johns Landing into Sellwood since the days of the old Line 40.

A unit from the Portland Fire Bureau, always a crowd-pleaser.

The Bridge People.

And, bringing up the bitter end, the extraterrestrial marching band, in all their white-clad, punky-styled, unabashed and thoroughly delightful glory.

The Transcendental Brass Band, which I picted in the first chapter of this epic, also made a spirited appearance.

I didn't really catch the name of this ensemble. But I loved the act.

A parade well-done.

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