06 March 2016

[pdx_history] KATU Throwback Video … Portland, 1983

The illustration on the right is a screencap from a wonderful video posted by The Deuce which is a 2-minute sequence of time-lapse shots taken in 1983.

The video is wonderful and heartbreaking. The mid-80s is when I started being a full-time Portlander (I've always been an Oregonian, but though I was born in Silverton my heart moved to Portland at an early age), and many, many scenes in here tug at the heartstrings … the tug pushing a barge under the Hawthorne Bridge … time lapse trips inbound on Canyon Road and the Banfield Freeway …

It is more than a little awkward and forlorn to realize that the images of ones kid-days are attaining the same patina that old photos one saw at that time had when one saw them then.

The video is at KATU's website: http://katu.com/news/videos/katu-throwback-to-portland-in-1983

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