06 March 2016

[pdx] The Sellwood Bridge Opening, Part VI: The Fire Boat's Salute

I've seen this sort of thing in many celebrations on TV, of course. This is the first time I can remember ever being a witness to it.

After the parade, one of the Portland Fire Bureau's boats gave us all that particular version of the high-five that is so much fun to watch. When the gouts started, we all ran to that side and started firing off the shots, cool spray wafting back our direction.

First, it was water-colored …

Then it was the old red-white-and-blue …

… then, of course, they ran out of toner …

Then it was back to water-colored again.

A little disappointed that there was never the Cascadian green-white-green, but I'm not complaining. It was nifty.

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