03 March 2016

[pdx] The Broadway Bridge: Christo Wasn't Here

There is some renovation going on on the Broadway Bridge, the exact nature of which I've not bothered to keep up on, but on our way home out of NW Portland, The Wife™ decided to have fun with it, so we took NW Broadway toward the East Side.

Here's what the Broadway Bridge looked like today:

We're goin' undercover.

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Ellen said...

Frankly, I'm glad that Christo wasn't here. I never found his "art" to be anything other than arrogant and self-aggrandizing. As it happened, I was living in Colorado when he put up his so-called "valley curtain" across Rifle Gap, and I thought it was hilarious (and totally fitting) when the wind promptly blew it down. Take that, you silly little man!