20 October 2016

[cartoon] How To Draw Donald Trump: Four Vanity Fair Artists Show Us

While it's not exactly an art lesson per se, it is highly instructive and a great illumination on why illustrators are such dead-fascinating people.

It's hard to do a good subjective caricature. The ones in Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, for examples of the genre, are the acme. Via Jack Ohman, a cartoonist and caricaturist of much estimation and ilk, we find four VF illustrators (Edward Sorel, Steve Brodner, Philip Burke, and Robert Risko) drawing and explaining and verbally illustrating the thoughts of the shapes they draw.

Mad respect for the fellahs who use the dip-pen and the Staedtler-Mars Lumograph pencils. I don't mean  to show disrespect for any illustrator who uses digital, after all these are much more skilful than my own amateur scractchings, but as someone who draws for pleasure I have some experience with the idea of something created with classic tools directly on classic media. It's a visceral feel, and it transfers to me whenever I so much as watch the thing.

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