12 October 2016

[Wy'East] Another Mount Hood Sunrise

I have a very beautiful volcano in my back yard, and I go past places I can get good sunrise shots of it, so you people are just going to have to cope with the fact that my obsession with Wy'east is rivalled only by that of T.A. Barnhart and George Orr.

Again, in front of the old Rossi place.

You want it big? I got big.

You want it tall? I got tall.

You want it tight? I got it tight. And the sun just breaking over the skyline. You'll recall that the last time I took it, the sun was cresting over the slop of Larch Mountain. It's a bit south of that now. We're heading deeper into fall in Oregon.

If you look carefully, you'll see there's snow on the peak, but not so completely covered, not yet.

Oh, and panorama, stitched together in the GIMP.

There's going to be a storm this weekend, so they say. So this is the last clear view I expect to have for a few days, at least.

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