16 October 2016

[Out122ndWay] The Windstorm That Wasn't, And The Rainbow Over Fabric Depot

Yesterday was supposed to be the Day of the Storm; Cascadian weather forecasters were warning everyone from Seattle to Eugene that, if this wasn't the Columbus Day blower, it was something to be contended with. But, some time into our weekly library sojourn, it was clear that that was not going to happen. Mind, there were some gusts, and it was a very active atmosphere. But it sure wasn't the Thursday-night-storm-plus that we were expecting.

Weather forecasting in the Pacific Northwest is both a weather professional's boon and bane, from what I hear. This would be one reason. Another example of the chaos that permeates nature; even yesterday that storm looked like a monster coming our way, as I noted a couple back. And some people had trees fall. A car was crushed in a Dari-Mart parking lot down in Eugene, I hear. A high-school chum returned from his vacation to find a tree leaning against his house. A raucous storm, certainly, but one that didn't live up to its billing.

The storm at its height, over 122nd and Stark just outside the library, offered waving trees, an active sky, and staccato gusts. It was an interesting storm, but not historic, and not all that destructive to the Mill Park neighorhood (I heard of tens of thousands of PGE customers without power. We, thankfully were not one of them.)

There was an adorable bit of rainbow though, of which you can see here. I'm not sure what the pot of the end of the rainbow is … it's either the Fabric Depot clearance sale, or the beers on tap at the River City Taproom. Or it might be one (or both) of those two treese there.

Well, maybe it's just you can have your choice. And that's cool, too. I know several people, actually, for whom a clearance sale at the Fabric Depot is, indeed, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The only real evidence the photographs show of something untoward is the way this Old Glory here is proudly waving, though that too was more of a fast ripple. Kind of like the flag on the moon, which is kept up by either (a) a support along the top or (b) a fan blowing because it's all a hoax, depending on how you plan on voting for President this year. 

And, so it went.

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