03 October 2016

[liff] In Which I Replace The USS Enterprise's Warp Core

Seriously! I replaced the USS Enterprise's warp core, if by USS Enterprise you mean "the five-inch-long desktop light-up model version sold by Running Press"  and by 'warp core' you mean "the three LR-41 button batteries that power the little tiny light inside".

The ship in peril during a
not-peril time.
I love this model because it's very accurate to the way the ship looked in TOS; the markings and details are actually quite precise. It's a lovely little model in a size that fits, rather literally, in the palm of your hand.

It's a little like having that tiny little metal ship that was in a couple of the episodes, you know, in "Cats Paw" where that witchy chick dangled it over a candle flame and everyone on the bridge got really really warm.

I lusted to have that model. Just as well, as clumsy as I was, I would have just broken it anyway.

One fun little bit of dross I insist on carrying around is a little pulp-style SF ray gun made by Kikkerland. it's a little keychain fob and when you pull the trigger it makes a little ray gun zap sound and flashes a red LED. This, as the Enterprise replica, uses LR-41 cells, and being carried in the pocket, is subject to some wear. I had a couple of broken ones.

So, breaking open the case of the little ray-gun I found three LR-41 cells, which just so happened to be the number of cells my Enterprise needed.

The results speak for themselves.

Cannibalizing a ray gun blaster to power the USS Enterprise is a step above MacGyvering.

I'd prefer to say I got my Scotty on. 

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