10 October 2016

[cartoon] Major Tom Cat: Winning Friends for No Opposable Thumbs Feline SF Anthology

I didn't think he'd go over this big. I'm going to have to develop him into a more of a character of his own!

A very short while ago, I did a cartoon cat as the beginning of a few cartoons that my friend, Amanda Wolfe, needed as an illustrative theme for her upcoming SF-feline-themed anthology, No Opposable Thumbs. Since he was a boy kitty he got the name of Major Tom and she liked it and I was proud and she had his visage put on some cards and for promo, took it up to GeekGirl Con in Seattle this last weekend.

Well, seems as though is first mission was something of a success, says Amanda on her Facebook post:
The cards for No Opposable Thumbs were a hit. Even the artists who know writers loved the Major Tom (Cat) drawn by Samuel John Klein. There was one dealer there who had a Space Cat on some merch that looked like Tom... although not as comical of an expression. Even they loved it and kept a card.
Pretty sweet, huh?  The approbation is almost as sweet as knowing Major Tom made such a good impression for Amanda's effort, which is a worthy one and I'm happy to support this with my art, such as I can provide it. There are more drawings underway, and I can't help but think, after he's done his service for Amanda, Major Tom can't become a sort of continuing character in his own right.

He sure got The Right Stuff, don't he?

The submissions guidelines and form for submitting to No Opposable Thumbs can be found at Wolfeangel Press, http://wolfeangel.net/no-opposable-thumbs-anthology/.

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