03 January 2009

Buy Me Some Peanuts, Cracker Jack, and A Little National Exposure

1892. Something I happened upon in surfing my Sitemeter links ...

This here entry at the blog Providence Daily Dose, which celebrates the ascension of Sam Adams (not the beer one) to the PDX mayoralty, using this bit of photoshoppery:

... as the illustration. I was quite proud when I did it, and was very happy when it garnered this blog over 700 views in two days, which to me is like striking gold (props to Bogdanski for linking to it, though even though I came out with more such cards, everyone lost interest after I did Sho Dozono. I really put in some work on the Kyle Burris card ...)

So, thanks, Providence Daily Dose, for featuring my card as your illustration today. Thrilled and flattered, thrilled and flattered!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool image -- congrats!

Pete Forsyth said...

Weird how Blogger doesn't publish my name. That comment was me, not some abstract non-organization! ;)